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memo - Magazine of European Medical Oncology

Ausgabe 1/2020

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CAR(-T)s are on the road

Jakob D. Rudzki


Evidence-based follow-up

Ewald Wöll


Young hematologists and medical oncologists in focus

Barbara Kiesewetter, Andreas Pircher, Alexandra Boehm

special report

The 2020 update of the recommendations of the Austrian working group on lung pathology and oncology for the diagnostic workup of non-small cell lung cancer with focus on predictive biomarkers

Helmut H. Popper, Ulrike Gruber-Mösenbacher, Georg Pall, Leonhard Müllauer, Maximilian Hochmair, Dagmar Krenbek, Luka Brcic, Katja Schmitz, Bernd Lamprecht, Josef Eckmayr, Wolfgang Hilbe, Georg Hutarew, Peter Errhalt, Rainer Kolb, Robert Pirker, Ulrike Setinek, Gerald Webersinke, Gudrun Absenger, Tamara Hernler, Markus Rauter, Richard Wasicky

Open Access special report

Ensuring center quality, proper patient selection and fair access to chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy: position statement of the Austrian CAR-T Cell Network

Hildegard T. Greinix, Andishe Attarbaschi, Michael Girschikofsky, Richard Greil, Wolfgang Holter, Peter Neumeister, Christina Peters, Andreas Petzer, Jakob Rudzki, Peter Schlenke, Clemens A. Schmitt, Wolfgang Schwinger, Dominik Wolf, Nina Worel, Ulrich Jaeger

Open Access short review

CAR T-cell therapy in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Georg Hopfinger, Nina Worel

Open Access short review

CAR-T cells in multiple myeloma: current status

Normann Steiner, Eberhard Gunsilius

Open Access short review

AML—is it time to drive a CAR(-T)?

Jakob D. Rudzki, Dominik Wolf

short review

Evidence-based follow-up for breast cancer

Michael Stierer

Open Access short review

Evidence-based follow-up in colorectal cancer—quo vadis?

Manuel Maglione, Alexander Perathoner

Open Access short review

Evidence-based follow-up in lung cancer?

Caecilia Ng, Andreas Pircher, Florian Augustin, Florian Kocher

short review

Evidence-based follow-up in renal cell carcinoma

Karl Mayrhofer, Dora Niedersüß-Beke

Open Access case report

Complete remission of disseminated Langerhans cell sarcoma after stem cell transplantation

Verena Schlintl, Konstantin Schlick, Gudrun Russ, Simon Peter Gampenrieder, Claudia Monzo Fuentes, Tea Kos, Felix Renneberg, Lukas Rettenbacher, Johann Gradl, Karl Sotlar, Alexander Hoffmann, Richard Greil

Open Access short review

Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma

Magdalena Seidl-Philipp, Van Anh Nguyen

original report

Epidemiology of polycythemia vera in a Mexican population

Antonio Olivas-Martinez, Olga Barrales-Benítez, Daniel Montante-Montes-de-Oca, Diana Aguilar-León, Hilda Elizeth Hernández-Juárez, Elena Tuna-Aguilar

original report

Epidemiology and predictors of survival of tongue cancer among Egyptians in the Delta region

Omar Hamdy, Mahmoud M. Saleh, Mohammed H. Ros, Amir Mosaad, Shadi Awny, Engy M. Abo-Elnaga, Islam H. Metwally

Open Access original report

Incidental thyroid papillary microcarcinoma on 1777 surgically treated patients for benign thyroid disease

Gaia Peluso, Stefania Masone, Silvia Campanile, Carmen Criscitiello, Concetta Dodaro, Armando Calogero, Paola Incollingo, Gianluca Minieri, Marsela Menkulazi, Alessandro Scotti, Vincenzo Tammaro, Ali Akbar Jamshidi, Luigi Pelosio, Marcello Caggiano, Nicola Carlomagno, Michele L. Santangelo

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