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06.08.2018 | main topic Open Access

The defense and signaling role of NADPH oxidases in eukaryotic cells


This short review article summarizes what is known clinically and biochemically about the seven human NADPH oxidases. Emphasis is put on the connection between mutations in the catalytic and regulatory subunits of Nox2, the phagocyte defense …

06.08.2018 | main topic Open Access

Unexpected aspects in the dynamics of horizontal gene transfer of prokaryotes: the impact of outer membrane vesicles

Horizontal gene transfer (HGT) was observed by incubation of an amino acid-deficient strain of Escherichia coli (AB1157) with particles gained from an oligotrophic environment, when all deficiencies were restored with frequencies up to 1.94 × 10−5 …

06.08.2018 | main topic Open Access

Electron tomography—a tool for ultrastructural 3D visualization in cell biology and histology

Electron tomography (ET) was developed to overcome some of the problems associated reconstructing three-dimensional (3D) images from 2D election microscopy data from ultrathin slices. Virtual sections of semithin sample are obtained by incremental …

06.08.2018 | review Open Access

Bladder augmentation in children: current problems and experimental strategies for reconstruction

Bladder augmentation is a demanding surgical procedure and exclusively offered for selected children and has only a small spectrum of indications. Paediatric bladder voiding dysfunction occurs either on a basis of neurological dysfunction caused …

06.08.2018 | original article

Nucleated red blood cells and serum lactate values on days 2 and 5 are associated with mortality and morbidity in VLBW infants

In healthy humans, nucleated red blood cells (NRBCs)—progenitor cells of red blood cells—are rarely present in the peripheral blood beyond the neonatal period because of the ejection of the nucleus prior to a cell’s release into the bloodstream [ 1 …]. In contrast, during the early postnatal period, NRBCs can be physiologically seen in the peripheral blood in premature infants and in neonates with fetal distress and intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), whereby the number of NRBC correlates with gestational age [

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