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21.02.2018 | rezension


19.02.2018 | original article

Physiologic effects of voice stimuli in conscious and unconscious palliative patients—a pilot study

Numerous studies have shown that sounds and acoustic stimuli can affect human beings. This effect is often used in medical care, for example in different types of music therapy.

19.02.2018 | main topic

Methadone as anticancer treatment: hype, hope, or hazard?

A series of case reports and a short review of the current literature and recommendations of the societies

Recently, the use of methadone in cancer patients has increased due to in vitro studies indicating that methadone is capable of inducing cell death. However, thus far there are no relevant clinical studies indicating that the use of methadone can …

19.02.2018 | letter to the editor

Acute myopathy as a side effect of electrostimulation

15.02.2018 | themenschwerpunkt

Fallbeispiel: Laryngospasmus bei ALS

Ein Fallbericht

Der Laryngospasmus bei Amyotropher Lateralsklerose ist ein in der neurologischen Literatur wenig beschriebenes Symptom. Trotz des meist selbst limitierenden Charakters stellt es für den Patienten einen Zustand höchster Bedrohlichkeit dar.

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