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21.09.2020 | brief report

Retronychia—an uncommon cause of chronic proximal nail fold inflammation

Retronychia is defined as nail plate ingrowth into the proximal nail fold causing pain and perionyxis. We report on a case series of seven patients seen from 2001 to 2020 (mean age 20 years). Xanthonychia was observed in all nails. Total nail …

21.09.2020 | case report

Tourette syndrome or PANDAS—a case report

Tourette syndrome (TS), a relatively common disorder, has been gaining more attention during the past two decades because of an increased number of reports. Nevertheless, it is still not completely understood. Furthermore, a clinical entity called …

21.09.2020 | originalarbeit Open Access

Personenbezogene Gesundheitsdaten in einer Pandemie – ethische und rechtliche Aspekte

Im Zusammenhang mit der COVID-19-Pandemie ist immer wieder das Argument zu hören gewesen, Gesundheitsschutz müsse dem Datenschutz jedenfalls vorgehen. In dieser Pauschalität ist diese Aussage zwar plakativ, aber weder aus ethischer noch aus …

21.08.2020 | wmw history

Briefsammlung Wittelshöfer

05.08.2020 | case report

Atypical vascular proliferations of the neck

Atypical vascular proliferations (AVP) are a late complication after radiotherapy. Most cases have been reported in female breast cancer patients on the chest wall. These lesions are mostly of the lymphatic type. Herein, we report a blood …

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"From the microscope to clinical application!", Scientists from all European countries make available their recent research results and practical experience through Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift, the renowned English- and German-language forum. Both original articles and reviews on a broad spectrum of clinical and preclinical medicine are presented within the successful framework of thematic issues compiled by guest editors. Selected cutting-edge topics, such as dementia, geriatric oncology, Helicobacter pylori and phytomedicine make the journal a mandatory source of information.

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