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03.11.2020 | images in science and medicine

COVID-19-induced collateral damage

27.10.2020 | original article

Semi-refined carrageenan promotes generation of reactive oxygen species in leukocytes of rats upon oral exposure but not in vitro

Marine algae metabolites such as carrageenans (CGNs), which are hydrophilic and anionic heteropolysaccharides composed of repeating β‑(1,3) sulfated D‑galactose and α‑(1,4)-3,6-anhydro-D-galactose residues, have found their application in several …

27.10.2020 | original article Open Access

Pediatric infection and sepsis in five age subgroups: single-center registry

Worldwide, sepsis continues to be one of the most frequent conditions encountered in intensive care units (ICUs). While the incidence and prevalence of sepsis and septic shock is rising, the associated mortality rates are decreasing due to the …

07.10.2020 | original article Open Access

Situational Judgement Test als Unterrichtsmethode für die kritische Diskussion zu wissenschaftlicher Praxis und Fehlverhalten

Wissenschaftskompetenz ist eine Schlüsselqualifikation für jede ärztliche Tätigkeit und sollte ebenso wie die Auseinandersetzung mit Entscheidungsprozessen von Beginn an ins Medizinstudium integriert werden. Ziel der Studie war, die Themen der …

28.09.2020 | letter to the editor

Importance of evaluating occult HBV risk factors in a low endemic area for HBV infection

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"From the microscope to clinical application!", Scientists from all European countries make available their recent research results and practical experience through Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift, the renowned English- and German-language forum. Both original articles and reviews on a broad spectrum of clinical and preclinical medicine are presented within the successful framework of thematic issues compiled by guest editors. Selected cutting-edge topics, such as dementia, geriatric oncology, Helicobacter pylori and phytomedicine make the journal a mandatory source of information.

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