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12.03.2019 | main topic Open Access

The status of health economic evaluation within decision making in Austria

Similar to other advanced health care systems around the world, the Austrian health care system faces major challenges in order to maintain universal coverage [ 1 ]. Accelerated demand for health care services related to demographic change and …

12.03.2019 | main topic Open Access

Assessment of public health interventions for decision support: methods & processes of the evaluation of the Austrian screening programme for pregnant women & children

Complex health interventions (such as screening programmes) are defined by multiple interventions carried out by manifold actors in different settings. This requires the consideration of a spectrum of outcomes and processes. In order to understand …

18.02.2019 | original article

Role of German-speaking scholars in the development of pathology in Turkey

The Westernization efforts initiated in the Ottoman Empire (also historically known as the Turkish Empire) in the 1800s also addressed medical training. Sultan Mahmud II opened a Western-style medical school, the Imperial School of Medicine, in …

18.02.2019 | original article

Epidemiologic, clinical, and laboratory characteristics of childhood brucellosis

A study in an Iranian childrenʼs referral hospital

This study was conducted at the CMC Hospital, Tehran, Iran, between May 2011 and December 2016. The medical records of all children with a definitive diagnosis of brucellosis admitted to the CMC Hospital were reviewed retrospectively. For each …

06.02.2019 | originalarbeit

Eine retrospektive Studie über den Einfluss einer Notfallinformation auf den Sterbeort von Palliativpatienten

In der Palliativmedizin ist eine vorherschauende Planung wichtig, auch um sinnvolle und vom Patienten und seinen Angehörigen gewünschte Entscheidungen über den Transfer in Krisensituationen sowie ein mögliches Versterben zu Hause zu treffen.In der …

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