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10.05.2021 | original article Open Access

A Choosing Wisely top-5 list to support general practitioners in Austria

From a pool of 147 reliable recommendations, ten experts from the Austrian Society of General Practice and Family Medicine selected 21 relevant recommendations as the basis for the Delphi process. In two Delphi rounds, eleven experts established a …

05.05.2021 | main topic Open Access

Challenges of caregiving to neurological patients

A substantial number of neurological diseases lead to chronic impairment of activities of daily living (ADL) and physical or mental dependence. In Austria, homecare is provided mostly by female family members. Moreover, mainly female personnel, in …

05.05.2021 | übersicht

Antikoagulation nach Herzklappenersatz

Patienten mit mechanischem Herzklappenersatz bedürfen einer konsequenten Antikoagulation zur Prävention thrombotischer und thromboembolischer Ereignisse. Hierfür sind ausschließlich Vitamin K‑Antagonisten (VKA) zugelassen, während derzeit alle …

05.05.2021 | case report

Perimortem Caesarean section because of a live fetus: case report and literature review

Perimortem Caesarean section (PMCS) is a rare surgical procedure that is potentially lifesaving for mother and child [ 1 ]. During resuscitation for cardiac arrest, the gravid uterus over 20 weeks’ gestation can impair chest compressions and …

30.04.2021 | main topic

Carl Ferdinand von Arlt. One of the famous ophthalmologists of the 19th century—his life in Vienna

Ferdinand von Arlt was born on April 17, 1812, in Obergraupen (now Horní Krupka) near Teplitz (Teplice) in Bohemia (Fig. 1 ). His father was Joseph Arld (Arlt), a mountain blacksmith, and his mother Maria Anna, born Kohlschütter, housewife. He had …

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"From the microscope to clinical application!", Scientists from all European countries make available their recent research results and practical experience through Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift, the renowned English- and German-language forum. Both original articles and reviews on a broad spectrum of clinical and preclinical medicine are presented within the successful framework of thematic issues compiled by guest editors. Selected cutting-edge topics, such as dementia, geriatric oncology, Helicobacter pylori and phytomedicine make the journal a mandatory source of information.

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