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Wiener klinische Wochenschrift 7-8/2017
Wiener klinische Wochenschrift

Ausgabe 7-8/2017

Focus Cardiology


Inhaltsverzeichnis (12 Artikel)

01.04.2017 | editorial

Facts and alternative facts – basic principles of scientific work
Julia Mascherbauer MD

01.04.2017 | original article

Assessment of the need for psychosomatic care in patients with suspected cardiac disease
Evelyn Kunschitz, Oliver Friedrich, Christine Schöppl, Thomas W. Weiss, Wolfgang Miehsler, Johann Sipötz, Gabriele Moser

01.04.2017 | original article

Sex-specific differences in risk factors for in-hospital mortality and complications in patients with acute coronary syndromes
An observational cohort study
Katarina Novak MD, PhD, Davorka Vrdoljak MD, PhD, Igor Jelaska PhD, Josip Anđelo Borovac B.Sc.

01.04.2017 | original article

Long-term major adverse cardiac and cerebrovascular events (MACCE) rate
Comparison of retrograde and antegrade recanalization of chronic total coronary occlusions
Klaudija Bijuklic MD, Carsten Schwencke MD, Prof. Joachim Schofer MD, PhD

01.04.2017 | original article

Respiratory induced heart rate variability during slow mechanical ventilation
Marker to exclude brain death patients
Pavel Jurak, Josef Halamek, Vlastimil Vondra, Dr. Peter Kruzliak, Vladimir Sramek, Ivan Cundrle, Pavel Leinveber, Mariusz Adamek, Dr. Vaclav Zvonicek

01.04.2017 | original article

Indoor environmental factors associated with pulmonary function among adults in an acid rain-plagued city in Southwest China
Jie Yu, Longju Zhang, Ya Luo, Yin Tang, Fangxu Tuo, Jiaqi Yang, Jie Xu PhD

Open Access 01.04.2017 | original article

Results of a population-based-assessment: we need better communication and more profound patient involvement
Gerald Sendlhofer, Gudrun Pregartner, Karina Leitgeb, Magdalena Hoffmann, Andrea Berghold, Christian Smolle, Gernot Brunner, Lars Peter Kamolz

01.04.2017 | case report

Restrictive cardiomyopathy
Delayed occurrence after radiotherapy of breast cancer
Barbara Bellmann MD, Brunilda Alushi, Boris Bigalke, Ulf Landmesser, Andreas J. Morguet

01.04.2017 | case report

Successful treatment of annular rupture during transcatheter aortic valve implantation
Daniel Unic MD, Zeljko Sutlic MD, PhD, Boris Starcevic MD, PhD, Nikola Bradic MD, Davor Baric MD, PhD, Igor Rudez MD, PhD

Open Access 01.04.2017 | perspective

Women at medical conferences 2016 – still hitting their head at the glass ceiling
Associate Professor Karin Amrein MD, MSc, Simone Stoisser, Magdalena Hoffmann

01.04.2017 | MUW researcher of the month

MedUni Wien Researcher of the Month April 2017
Stefan Tögel

01.04.2017 | mitteilungen der gesellschaft der ärzte in wien