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European Surgery 6/2022
European Surgery

Ausgabe 6/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (8 Artikel)

01.12.2022 | editorial

Surgery for positive vibes
Martin Riegler

Open Access 29.06.2021 | review

Wound myiasis in Western Europe: prevalence and risk factors in a changing climate scenario
Erika Andreatta, Luigi Bonavina

09.09.2022 | original article

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the training of general surgery residents
Surgical training and the COVID-19 pandemic
Călin Popa, Diana Schlanger, Florin Zaharie, Nadim Al Hajjar

06.10.2022 | original article

Perioperative management of pancreatic excretory function in the context of pancreatic head resections in PDAC patients
Is the choice of secretion inhibition showing an effect on the rate of clinically relevant fistulas (CR-POPF)?
Siegfried Sauseng, Arvin Imamovic, Josip Kresic, Thomas Niernberger, Hans Rabl

Open Access 20.10.2022 | original article

Prognostic significance of comorbidities in patients with diffuse peritonitis
Petr Špička, Josef Chudáček, Tomáš Řezáč, Katherine Vomáčková, Radek Ambrož, Ján Molnár, Dušan Klos, Radek Vrba

Open Access 10.10.2022 | original article

Repeated hepatic resection for colorectal liver metastases: is this concept safe and feasible?
Maximilian von Heesen, Jochen Schuld, Sebastian Holländer, Antonios E. Spiliotis, Anna Merscher, Philipp R. Scherber, Dorian Igna, Gereon Gäbelein, Matthias Glanemann

Open Access 23.09.2022 | case report

Early detection of COVID-19 cholangiopathy using cholangioscopy—a case report of two critically ill patients
Veronika Kroepfl, Benedikt Treml, Martin Cornelius Freund, Christoph Profanter

28.10.2022 | case report

Thoracoabdominal approach for traumatic diaphragmatic hernia in a hemodynamically unstable patient
Mujtaba Mubashir, John O Barron, Hadika Mubashir, Alexander DeMare, Siva Raja, Sudish Murthy, Dean P. Schraufnagel

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