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European Surgery

Ausgabe 4/2020

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Strategies for management of acute cholecystitis in octogenarians

Shailesh Mohandas, Robert Hutchins

original article

Histologic changes in early colonic anastomotic healing using autologous platelet-rich fibrin matrix

Bernhard Dauser, Wolf Heitland, Franz G. Bader, Walter Brunner, Yael Nir, Andrew P. Zbar

Open Access original article

Autologous aortic arch reconstruction in isolated and combined cardiac lesions

Claudia Herbst, Guenther Laufer, Sabine Greil, Erwin Kitzmueller, Eva Base, Regina Vargha, Daniel Zimpfer

original article

Risk-reducing total gastrectomy in asymptomatic CDH1 carriers

Vítor Devezas, Manuela Baptista, Irene Gullo, João Rocha, Fabiana Sousa, Wen Xiaogang, John Preto, Susy Costa, Sérgio Castedo, Luzia Garrido, Carla Oliveira, Elisabete Barbosa, Fátima Carneiro, José Barbosa

Original Article

Comparison of Hartmann’s procedure vs. resection with primary anastomosis in perforated sigmoid diverticulitis: a retrospective single-center study

Francesco Pizza, Dario D’Antonio, Michele Arcopinto, Chiara Dell’Isola, Alberto Marvaso

letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Raimund Margreiter, Ferdinand Mühlbacher

letter to the editor

Laparoscopic versus open surgery: aerosols and their implications for surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic

Janso P. Joseph, Anokha O. Joseph, Susmita Oomman, Naga V. G. Jayanthi

letter to the editor

Resumption of elective surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic: what lessons can we apply?

Michael T. Olson, Tania Triantafyllou, Saurabh Singhal