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Ausgabe 3/2012

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News from the Neuro-Oncology front

Silvia Hofer, Christine Marosi

special report

ASH 2011—Hodgkin’s disease and the high grade lymphomas

Wolfgang Willenbacher, Ella Willenbacher

short review

Treating T-cell lymphoma: is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Georg Hopfinger, Olaf Merkel, Thomas Melchardt, Richard Greil

short review

Brief update on recent developments in CML

Stefan Schmidt

short review

New developments in MDS

Michael Pfeilstöcker, Reinhard Stauder

short review

ASH 2011—current developments in AML

Johannes Clausen

short review

Paraneoplastic neurologic disorders: a brief overview

Myrna R. Rosenfeld, Josep Dalmau

short review

Clinically useful biomarkers in neurooncology

Matthias Preusser

short review

Carcinomatous meningitis

Marc C. Chamberlain

short review

Advanced neuroimaging techniques for diagnosis and treatment evaluation in neuro-oncology

Bernhard Schuknecht, Krisztina Baráth, Silvia Hofer

Open Access review

Current treatment of low grade gliomas

Martin J. van den Bent, Tom J. Snijders, Jacoline E. C. Bromberg

Open Access short review

Update on molecular and genetic alterations in adult medulloblastoma

Marcel Kool, Andrey Korshunov, Stefan M. Pfister

short review

The End-of-Life in patients with glioma and their families

Christine Marosi, Birgit Flechl, Stefan Oberndorfer

short review

New drugs for head and neck cancer

József Dudás, Heinz Zwierzina, Georg Mathias Sprinzl

case report

Sorafenib in thyroid cancer—a retrospective case series

Gabriele Gamerith, Andreas Pircher, Arno Amann, Katharina Cima, Klaus Gasser, Markus Lenzhofer, Peter Lind, Evelyne Bareck, Ewald Wöll, Wolfgang Hilbe

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