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01.09.2012 | case report | Ausgabe 3/2012

memo - Magazine of European Medical Oncology 3/2012

Sorafenib in thyroid cancer—a retrospective case series

memo - Magazine of European Medical Oncology > Ausgabe 3/2012
MD Gabriele Gamerith, MD Andreas Pircher, MD Arno Amann, MD Katharina Cima, MD Klaus Gasser, MD Markus Lenzhofer, MD Peter Lind, MD Evelyne Bareck, MD Ewald Wöll, MD Wolfgang Hilbe


In recent times, the treatment of advanced disease stages of thyroid cancer (TC) followed the strategy of targeted therapy with encouraging results. Thus, eight patients with metastasized thyroid carcinomas, who had multiple lines of prior interventions, were treated with sorafenib and have now been retrospectively evaluated. This retrospective evaluation included four patients with classified medullar carcinoma, two follicular, one papillary and one anaplastic, respectively. Within this population a clinical benefit rate of more than 70 % in daily routine, including a 29 % partial response rate could be determined, which correlates with the findings of recently published clinical trials with multi-kinase inhibitors. Furthermore, in all patients the observed toxicities were manageable after dose reductions. In conclusion, these data support a potential value of sorafenib in treatment of this rare disease.

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