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European Surgery

Ausgabe 6/2012

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Chillax surgery: back to the roots

F. M. Riegler

Open Access Original Article

Rare oesophageal tumours: experience of one centre

J. Zielinski, W.J. Kruszewski, R. Jaworski, I. Haponiuk, N. Irga, J. Zygon, A. Kopacz, J. Jaskiewicz

Original Scientific Paper

Radiofrequency ablation of Barrett’s esophagus and early cancer within the background of the pathophysiology of the disease

I. Mesteri, L. Beller, S. Fischer-See, S. Schoppmann, J. Lenglinger, F. Wrba, M. Riegler, J. Zacherl

Original Article

Lymph node micrometastases in gastric cancer: final results of the Czech multicentre study

J. Šimša, J. Hoch, B. East, J. Leffler, M. Ryska, F. Bělina, R. Doležel, J. Gatěk, J. Varga

Original Article

Parathyroid carcinoma in primary hyperparathyroidism: single institution experience

V. R. Zivaljevic, R. V. Zivic, A. Dj. Diklic, B. R. Bukvic, S. B. Tatic, M. R. Kazic, N. K. Kalezic, I. R. Paunovic

Original Article

Surgical treatment of synchronous and metachronous hepatic–and pulmonary colorectal cancer metastases —the Copenhagen experience

Peter Stemann Andersen, Kåre Hornbech, Peter Nørgaard Larsen, Jesper Ravn, Andre Wettergren

Original Scientific Paper

Bladeless trocar versus traditional trocar for patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy

S.-Y. Huang, S.-Y. Wang, C.-N. Yeh, C.-T. Cheng, C.-Y. Tsai, Y.-Y. Liu, C.-C. Lin, Y.-Y. Jan, M.-F. Chen

Case Report

Lymphangioma of the cervical esophagus associated with an inlet patch

S. Siboni, G. Iasi, E. Rausa, L. Bonavina

Case Report

Transcatheter aortic valve implantation via transaortic access: a bail-out strategy in unexpectedly inoperable patients

N. Bonaros, T. Bartel, G. Friedrich, S. Müller, G. Feuchtner, T. Schachner, N. Fischler, A. Heinz, M. Grimm, L. Müller