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European Surgery 4/2017
European Surgery

Ausgabe 4/2017


Inhaltsverzeichnis (7 Artikel)

01.08.2017 | review

Esophageal stents during neoadjuvant therapy
A systematic review
Guillermo Becerril-Martinez MD FRACS, Associate Professor Gregory L. Falk MBBS, FRACS, FACS, Mario D’Souza Ph.D.

01.08.2017 | original article

Effects of papaverine on healing of colonic anastomosis in rats
Salim Ilksen Basceken MD, Yusuf Sevim MD, FTBS, Cihangir Akyol MD, Egemen Cicek MD, Ferit Aydın MD, Akin Firat Kocaay MD, Ozge Tugce Pasaoglu PhD, Volkan Genc MD, Hatice Pasaoglu PhD, Atil Cakmak MD

01.08.2017 | original article

Does BMI affect the detection of sentinel lymph nodes with indocyanine green in early breast cancer patients?
Dr. Stephanie Rauch, Anton Haid, Zerina Jasarevic, Christoph H. Saely, Alexander Becherer, Etienne Wenzl

01.08.2017 | original article

Prevalence and risk factors of nasal pressure ulcers related to nasogastric intubation: an observational study
Emanuele Asti MD, Andrea Sironi MD, Pamela Milito MD, Giulia Bonavina MS RN, Gianluca Bonitta MSc, Luigi Bonavina MD

01.08.2017 | original article

Laparoendoscopic stapled rives stoppa sublay technique for extraperitoneal ventral hernia repair
David K. Nguyen, David C. Chen MD

01.08.2017 | original scientific paper

Effects of preoperative carbohydrate drinks on postoperative outcome after colorectal surgery
Zuzana Adamova, Radim Slováček

01.08.2017 | case report

Hypercalcemia resistant to cinacalcet caused by a mediastinal hyperplastic parathyroid gland in a renal transplant patient
Manabu Okada MD, Kenta Futamura MD, Takahisa Hiramitsu MD, PhD, Makoto Tsujita MD, Norihiko Goto MD, PhD, Shunji Narumi MD, PhD, Yoshihiko Watarai MD, PhD, Toshihiro Ichimori MD, Yoshihiro Tominaga MD, PhD