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01.02.2013 | Case Report | Ausgabe 1/2013

European Surgery 1/2013

A duodenal stromal tumor mimicking a pancreatic head tumor: one case report and literature review

European Surgery > Ausgabe 1/2013
MD O. Mouaqit, R. Ktaibi, A. Ktaibi, M. Mounim, El H. O. El malki, R. Mohsine, L. Ifrine, N. Mahassini, A. Belkouchi



Duodenal gastrointestinal stromal tumors are rare tumors. When these tumors arise from the second part of the duodenum they can easily be misdiagnosed as a pancreatic head cancer.


Case report and review of the literature.


We report on a case of a 37-year-old female presenting with a one-year history of right upper quadrant pain associated with palpable abdominal tumor. Computed tomography scans showed a lesion in the head of the pancreas. No endoscopic fine-needle aspiration (FNA) cytology was carried. No specific mucosal abnormalities were reported in the duodenum. Following a roof top incision, a laparotomy was performed with an examination of the pancreas. This revealed a hard mass in the head of the pancreas and dissection in preparation for a pancreaticoduodenectomy was done. Histopathological and immunohistochemical analysis revealed the duodenal gastrointestinal stromal tumor with high-grade malignancy.


Duodenal gastrointestinal stromal tumor can have a wide spectrum of clinical presentation. The accurate diagnosis of duodenal gastrointestinal stromal tumor is essential for determining the appropriate surgical intervention. In our case, a radical surgical approach was used to avoid passing near an adenocarcinoma.

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