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European Surgery 1/2013
European Surgery

Ausgabe 1/2013


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01.02.2013 | Editorial

General surgery with qualities: sub the speciality
Franz Martin Riegler

01.02.2013 | Original Article

Incidence of ischemic type biliary lesions after liver transplantation using piggyback technique and retrograde reperfusion
D. Wagner, A. Bradatsch, D. Kniepeiss, S. Schaffellner, E. Jakoby, H. Müller, S. Pirker, A. Fahrleitner-Pammer, KH. Tscheliessnigg, F. Iberer

01.02.2013 | Original Article

The minimal dose of FK506 is sufficient to facilitate the arterialisation of venous allografts in rats
M. Varga, I. Matia, A. Lodererova, M. Adamec

01.02.2013 | Original Scientific Paper

Importance of ineffective esophageal motility in patients with erosive reflux disease on the long-term outcome of Nissen fundoplication
A. P. Simić, O. Skrobić, N. Radovanović, D. Veličković, N. Ivanović, P. Peško

01.02.2013 | Original Scientific Paper

Clinical outcome after stapled transanal rectal resection for obstructed defecation syndrome: the first Iranian experience
R. Azizi, M. Alvandipour, A. Bijari, S. Shoar, M. Alemrajabi

Open Access 01.02.2013 | Original Scientific Paper

DG-RAR for the treatment of symptomatic grade III and grade IV haemorrhoids: a 12-month multi-centre, prospective observational study
S. Roka, D. Gold, P. Walega, S. Lancee, E. Zagriadsky, A. Testa, A. N. Kukreja, A. Salat

01.02.2013 | Case Report

Conservative treatment of abdominal compartment syndrome after large ventral hernia repair
M. Bezmarevic, D. Slavkovic, B. Trifunovic, N. Stankovic, S. Mickovic, B. Neskovic, J. Beloica

01.02.2013 | Case Report

Myoid hamartoma of the breast: case report
S. Monib, B. Amr, J. T. C. Lee, S. P. Raymound

01.02.2013 | Case Report

A duodenal stromal tumor mimicking a pancreatic head tumor: one case report and literature review
O. Mouaqit, R. Ktaibi, A. Ktaibi, M. Mounim, El H. O. El malki, R. Mohsine, L. Ifrine, N. Mahassini, A. Belkouchi

01.02.2013 | Book Review

Innovation in esophageal surgery: be effective
Martin Riegler

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