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Wiener klinische Wochenschrift 7-8/2022
Wiener klinische Wochenschrift

Ausgabe 7-8/2022

Focus Cardiology


Inhaltsverzeichnis (11 Artikel)

12.04.2022 | editorial

Gender differences in cardiology—More questions than answers
PD Dr. Andreas Kammerlander PhD

20.08.2021 | original article

Long-term outcome in patients with takotsubo syndrome
A single center study from Vienna
Dr. med. Edita Pogran, Ahmed Abd El-Razek, Laura Gargiulo, Valerie Weihs, Christoph Kaufmann, Samuel Horváth, Alexander Geppert, Michael Nürnberg, Emil Wessely, Peter Smetana, Kurt Huber

Open Access 20.10.2021 | original article

Psychocardiological assessment in the acute phase of the takotsubo syndrome
Somatic and depressive disorders, resilience and illness perception
Valerie Weihs, Edita Pogran, Evelyn Kunschitz, Wolfgang Weihs, Erika Prinz, Christiane Eichenberg, Jutta Fiegl, Oliver Friedrich, Kurt Huber

Open Access 06.09.2021 | original article

Workability, quality of life and cardiovascular risk markers in aging nightshift workers: a pilot study
Galateja Jordakieva, Lovro Markovic, Walter Rinner, Isabel Santonja, Seungjune Lee, Alexander Pilger, Thomas Perkman, Igor Grabovac, Eva Schernhammer, Richard Crevenna, Kyriaki Papantoniou MD Ph.D., Jasminka Godnic-Cvar

Open Access 17.08.2021 | original article

Is diversity harmful?—Mixed-brand cardiac implantable electronic devices undergoing magnetic resonance imaging
Christoph Alexander König, Florian Tinhofer, Thomas Puntus, Achim Leo Burger, Nikolaus Neubauer, Herbert Langenberger, Kurt Huber, Michael Nürnberg, Dr. med.univ. David Zweiker

Open Access 06.12.2021 | original article

Lipid lowering therapy in primary and secondary prevention in Austria: are LDL-C goals achieved?
Results from the DA VINCI study
Prim. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter Siostrzonek, Helmut Brath, Robert Zweiker, Heinz Drexel, Robert Hoelzl, Margit Hemetsberger, Kausik K. Ray

06.12.2021 | review article

Functional Coronary Artery Assessment: a Systematic Literature Review
Samuel A. Freitas, Débora Nienow, Cristiano A. da Costa, Dr. Gabriel de O. Ramos

09.01.2021 | original article

Septoplasties are unlikely to cause postoperative numbness of the anterior palate
Alexandros Andrianakis, Magdalena Bachlechner, Josef Kainz, Valentin Herber, Michael Payer, Peter Valentin Tomazic

Open Access 26.04.2021 | original article

Medical care at a mass gathering music festival
Retrospective study over 7 years (2011–2017)
Mathias Maleczek MD, Simon Rubi MD, Christian Fohringer MD, Georg Scheriau MD, Elias Meyer MSc., Thomas Uray MD, MPH, MBA, Andreas Duma MD, MSc

01.04.2022 | MUW researcher of the month

MUW researcher of the month

01.04.2022 | mitteilungen der gesellschaft der ärzte in wien

mitteilungen der gesellschaft der ärzte in wien