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01.08.2016 | original article | Ausgabe 4/2016

European Surgery 4/2016

Morbidity and mortality of colorectal cancer surgery in octogenarians

European Surgery > Ausgabe 4/2016
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nurkan Törer



The aim of this study was to determine common problems, preoperative assessment criteria, and postoperative morbidity and mortality of octogenarians with colorectal cancer.

Materials and method

We screened the medical records of patients aged 80 years or older (study group) and that of patients of 50–59 years of age (control group) who were operated for colon cancer. Demographic features, comorbidities, American Society of Anaesthesiologists (ASA) score, urgency of operation, tumor localization, presence of colostomy, duration of hospital stay, admission to and duration of stay in the intensive care unit (ICU), TNM (Tumor, Node, Metastasis) stage, postoperative morbidity, and mortality rates were recorded.


The medical records of 23 patients aged above 80 years and 39 patients aged between 50–59 years were screened retrospectively. The two groups did not differ significantly with respect to the morbidity rate but the mortality rate was significantly higher in the study group (p = 0.583 and p = 0.016, respectively). The study group patients needed significantly more ostomy creation procedures. In the analysis of the octogenarian groups, the ASA score or the presence of comorbidities had no discernible effect on the morbidity and mortality rates.


Specific preoperative evaluations are needed for prediction of mortality risk in geriatric patients. Rational criteria for performing protective ostomy should also be determined in octogenarians.

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