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European Surgery

Ausgabe 1/2006

Surgical Oncology I

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M. Gnant

Main Topic

Holistic perspectives in oncology

R. Jakesz, M. Bodingbauer

Main Topic

Minimal invasive surgery in surgical oncology

C. Tausch, J. Tschmelitsch

Main Topic

Follow-up for cancer patients

A. Haid

Main Topic

Surgical treatment of thyroid carcinoma

P. Sungler, B. Niederle

Main Topic

Breast cancer guidelines

S. Taucher

Main Topic

Hereditary colorectal cancer – guidelines for clinical routine

M. Bergmann, B. Wolf, J. Karner-Hanusch

Main Topic

Liver transplantation for hepatic malignancies

T. Soliman, G. A. Berlakovich, F. Mühlbacher, R. Steininger