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European Surgery

Ausgabe 2/2006

Surgical Oncology II

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Main Topic

Gastric cancer

D. Öfner

Main Topic

Primary hepatoma – guidelines for interdisciplinary treatment

H. Cerwenka, H. Bacher, H.-J. Mischinger

Main Topic

Gallbladder cancer – only surgery is curative

H. Puhalla, F. Laengle

Main Topic

Interdisciplinary management of colorectal cancer liver metastases

Th. Gruenberger, B. Gruenberger, A. Becherer, J. Kettenbach, K. Dieckmann, W. Schima

Main Topic

Pancreatic carcinoma

R. Függer

Main Topic

Surgical management of cancer of the colon

B. Teleky, Irene Kührer

Main Topic

Diagnosis and therapy of rectal cancer

F. Herbst, J. Widder, A. Maier

Main Topic

Anal cancer

A. Salat

Main Topic

Paediatric tumor surgery

E. Horcher, A. Zoubek

Main Topic

Malignant melanoma

T. Rath

Original Scientific Paper

Vascular endothelial growth factor-C expression and lymphangiogenesis in colorectal cancer

A. Fenzl, S. F. Schoppmann, S. Geleff, P. Birner, F. Wrba, B. Herberger, B. Teleky, F. Herbst, I. Kührer, R. Jakesz, F. Längle

Book Review

Roland Sedivy

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