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02.04.2020 | main topic | Ausgabe 1/2021

Spektrum der Augenheilkunde 1/2021

Effect of repetitive visual training in patients with dry age-related macular degeneration

Spektrum der Augenheilkunde > Ausgabe 1/2021
Dr. Robert Hörantner, Jürgen Wolfsgruber, Gerald Stürzlinger, Michael Ring, Thomas Haslwanter
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To investigate the efficacy of repetitive visual training with large-field visual stimulation for patients with dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD).


The Medical Eye Trainer (MET) was tested on 11 patients with unilateral or bilateral dry AMD. The MET consists of a training system for the entire visual system. A moving grating stimulus was presented on a hand-held visual display device (tablet). Repetitive visual training was performed once per day for 90 s, for a total duration of 3 months.


The MET was able to significantly improve visual function after 3 months of use. Eight of the 11 patients reported an improvement in general well-being. No negative effects were reported.


The MET represents an effective additional treatment option for patients with dry AMD, without neglecting well-established treatment methods.

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