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26.04.2021 | review

Digital implications for human resource management in surgical departments

European Surgery
MD David Alexander Back, MD Julian Scherer, MD Georg Osterhoff, MSc Lia Rigamonti, MD Dominik Pförringer, Working Group Digitalisation
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Changes in demographics and dynamics of our society are affecting the healthcare system, leading to an intensified “war for talents,” especially for surgical departments. Also with regard to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the present work analyzes the potential of digitalization for human resource management of surgical departments in hospitals.


PubMed and Google Scholar were searched to identify articles referring to the specific subject of human resource management and its digital support in hospitals and surgical departments in particular.


The main topics include the digital affinity of young physicians and surgeons in terms of staff recruiting, digital support for everyday working life in surgical departments, and the potential of digital approaches for surgical training. These topics are put into the context of company strategies, and their future potential is identified accordingly.


Digital programs, digital structures, and digital tools can today be used by human resources departments to advertise the hospital and to make the recruitment of future candidates increasingly attractive. In addition, by making digital tools available, the employees’ satisfaction can be raised with the potential of a strong employer branding. In times of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital personnel strategies and training formats have to be regarded a contemporary offering.

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