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01.10.2012 | case report | Ausgabe 19-20/2012

Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift 19-20/2012

Angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia—an incidental finding after surgical excision

Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift > Ausgabe 19-20/2012
Georgi Tchernev, Teodora Taneva, Julian Ananiev, José Carlos Cardoso, Maya Gulubova, Valentin Velev, Anatoli Karashmalakov, M.D., Ph.D. Liliya Zisova, Prof. Dr. Dr. Christoph C. Geilen


Angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia (ALHE) is a rare benign vasoproliferative lesion. Although it is a benign disease, lesions are often persistent and difficult to eradicate. ALHE typically presents clinically as papules or nodules, tan, brown, pink or dull red in colour, located predominantly in the head and neck region, especially around the ears and on the forehead and scalp.
All races can be affected and no gender predominance exists. The disease also has nonspecific clinical features, hence it requires in most of the cases biopsy for accurate diagnosis. We present an uncommon clinical presentation of the disease, mimicking clinically a subcutaneous lipomatous mass, which has been treated successfully with surgical excision.

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