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European Surgery

Ausgabe 5/2011

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Editorial: Yes we cancer, cancer pays

F. M. Riegler


Recent developments in the diagnosis and treatment of bile duct cysts: a review

C. Nawara, G. Wolkersdörfer, D. Öfner-Velano, K. Emmanuel


Pulmonary metastasectomy

K. Hoetzenecker, G. Lang, H. J. Ankersmit, W. Klepetko

Original Scientific Paper

Osteoplastic surgery of the face – state of the art and future aspects

K. Vinzenz, C. Schaudy

Original Scientific Paper

Short-term outcomes of lung transplant in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

A. Tk. Teo, R. Pietrobon, J. Atashili, D. Rajgor, J. Shah, H. Martins

Original Scientific Paper

Oncoplastic breast surgery for the management of giant and multiple benign breast lesions

A. Nour, F. Gharieb, M. Tashkandi, T. Helmy

Original Scientific Paper

Endovascular aortic repair – initial experience in the Serbian bi-centric study

L. B. Davidovic, Đ. Radak, I. Končar, D. Sagić, M. Čolić, I. Banzić

Original Scientific Paper

Topical use of autologous fibrin glue in high-risk CABG patients

D. Wiedemann, D. Vill, N. Bonaros, G. Laufer, T. Schachner, A. Kocher

Case Report

Life-threatening gastric dilatation with anorexia nervosa

I. Häusler, C. Augschöll, C. Rabl, D. Öfner-Velano, K. Emmanuel

Short Communication

Duodenal stump after duodenal switch procedure confused with subhepatic abscess

M. Schweigert, A. Dubecz, C. Gunther, R. J. Stadlhuber, H. J. Stein

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