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European Surgery

Ausgabe 6/2007

Acute Pancreatitis, Oncoplastic Surgery for Breast Cancer, GERD in Diabetics, Adenocarcinoma in Barrett's

Inhalt (11 Artikel)

Expert Opinion

Novel strategies in oncoplastic surgery for breast cancer: immediate partial reconstruction of breast defects

F. Fitzal, G. Nehrer, M. Deutinger, R. Jakesz, M. Gnant


Gastroesophageal reflux disease in diabetic patients: a systematic review

R. Promberger, M. Gadenstätter, R. Ciovica, G. Schwab, C. Neumayer

Case Report

Repair of short full-thickness rectal prolapse by transanal double circular stapled partial rectal wall resection

I. Tarantino, A. Zerz, B. P. Müller-Stich, F. Ahmad, M. Zadnikar, J. Lange, J. Beck

Case Report

Acute pneumomediastinum secondary to hydrogen peroxide therapy of upper right limb wound

D. Paramythiotis, V. N. Papadopoulos, A. Michalopoulos, T. S. Papavramidis, P. Berovalis, N. Harlaftis

Case Report

Liver teratoma in an adult

D. S. Silva, M. Dominguez, F. Silvestre, I. Calhim, J. Daniel, M. Teixeira, V. Ribeiro, J. Davide



Andrä Wasler