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European Surgery

Ausgabe 6/2003

Surgery of Chronic Renal Failure

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H. Hauser, H. J. Mischinger

Main Topic

Surgical Interventions for Renal Replacement Therapy from the View of Nephrologists

S. Zitta, G. Leitner, M. Hessinger, B. Haditsch, H. Holzer

Main Topic

Surgery of Arteriovenous Interposition Grafts

M. Haug, M. Popescu

Main Topic

Alternatives in Hemodialysis Vascular Access – the Dialock® Port Device

M. Hessinger, S. Zitta, Th. Allmayer, A. Baumann, M. Tomka, H. Holzer, K. Tiesenhausen

Main Topic

Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis – Surgical Technique, Early and Late Complications

H. Hauser, J. M. Roob, A. El Shabrawy, M. A. Hohl, J. Razmara, H. Holzer, H. J. Mischinger

Main Topic

Renal Transplantation

H. Müller, P. Petritsch, G. Wirnsberger, H. Holzer, K. H. Tscheliessnigg

Original Scientific Paper

OPCAB: Reducing the Perioperative Risk Avoiding Extracorporeal Circulation in CABG Surgery

M. Thalmann, E. Trampitsch, Ch. Sorre, W. Wandschneider

Original Scientific Paper

Characteristics of Patients with Patent versus Closed Left Internal Thoracic Artery Grafts before Redo Revascularization

A. Lichtenberg, T. Bauer, S. Ringes-Lichtenberg, T. Walles, S. Fischer, A. Haverich, U. Klima

Original Scientific Paper

Phase-II Trial Using Gemcitabine as Monochemotherapy in Patients with Metastasized Pancreatic Carcinoma

F. Meyer, K. Eichelmann, H. Lippert, K. Ridwelski

Case Report

Solitary Cecal Diverticulitis: Report of a Case

O. Alimoglu, M. Sahin, U. Cevikbas, R. Eryilmaz

Invited Commentary

Solitary Cecal Diverticulitis: Report of a Case

S. C. Schmidt, J. M. Langrehr

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