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Ausgabe 5/2004

Current Treatment of Liver Surgery

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H. J. Mischinger, H. Bacher, H. Cerwenka

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Augmented-reality-based liver-surgical planning system

G. Werkgartner, M. Lemmerer, H. Hauser, E. Sorantin, R. Beichel, B. Reitinger, A. Bornik, F. Leberl, H. J. Mischinger

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Value of reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction tests for detection of peripheral blood hepatocellular carcinoma cells

A. El-Shabrawi, H. Bacher, H. Cerwenka, P. Kornprat, Y. El-Shabrawi, G. Höfler, J. Schweiger, H. J. Mischinger

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Intraoperative ultrasonography in liver surgery: a critical evaluation

H. Cerwenka, J. Raith, H. Bacher, A. El-Shabrawi, P. Kornprat, G. A. Bernhardt, W. Schweiger, G. Werkgartner, H. J. Mischinger

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Impact of parenchymal transection by Ultracision® harmonic scalpel in elective liver surgery

W. Schweiger, A. El-Shabrawi, G. Werkgartner, H. Bacher, H. Cerwenka, M. Thalhammer, H. J. Mischinger

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Sorting through methods of dividing the liver

W. C. Meyers, S. Shekherdimian, S. M. Owen, B. H. Ringe, A. D. Brooks

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Living-donor liver transplantation in adults: single-center experience

N. R. Frühauf, M. Malagó, A. Frilling, A. Radtke, C. E. Broelsch

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Liver transplantation in Graz: experiences with a new reperfusion technique

D. Kniepeiss, F. Iberer, S. Schaffellner, E. Jakoby, D. Duller, H. Müller, M. Zink, K. H. Tscheliessnigg

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Heat shock protein 70: a new biomarker for ischemic-reperfusion injury due to Pringle maneuver

G. A. Bernhardt, H. Bacher, D. Hagen, D. Zauner, C. Gülly, H. Cerwenka, K. Zatloukal, H. J. Mischinger

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Preoperative catecholamine effects on blood lipids and magnesium levels predict liver failure after hepatectomy

H. Bacher, H.-J. Mischinger, H. Cerwenka, A. El-Shabrawi, P. Kornprat, W. Schweiger, F. Quehenberger, S. Kuettner, S. Porta

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Changes in liver surgery for colorectal cancer liver metastases under neoadjuvant treatment strategies

T. Gruenberger, B. Schuell, H. Puhalla, E. Schwanzer, M. Bodingbauer, F. Laengle, G. Kornek, W. Scheithauer

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Dysontogenetic liver cysts and their surgical management

P. Kornprat, H. Bacher, H. Cerwenka, A. El-Shabrawi, H. Hauser, C. Langner, H. J. Mischinger

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