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Ausgabe 5/2002

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Main Topics: Sentinel Node Biopsy In Breast Cancer Surgery


H. -J. Gallowitsch, P. Konstantiniuk

Review To The Main Topics

The importance of sentinel node biopsy in breast surgery

A. Haid, P. Schrenk, S. Roka, Ch Tausch, Barbara Pichler-Gebhard, Margaretha Rudas, G. Zimmermann

Original Scientific Papers To The Main Topics

Identification of sentinel lymph nodes in breast cancer by lymphoscintigraphy and gamma probe guidance: Dependence on route of injection and tumour location

H. J. Gallowitsch, P. Konstantiniuk, L. Jörg, A. Urbania, F. Kugler, W. Peschina, M. Hatzl-Griesenhofer, G. Zettinig

Original Scientific Papers To The Main Topics

Factors affecting identification rate and positivity of the sentinel node in breast cancer in 1567 patients, using blue dye and99mTc-labelled colloid, based on a multicentre database project in Austria

Barbara Pichler-Gebhard, P. Konstantiniuk, C. Tausch, L. Joerg, A. Haid, P. Schrenk, C. Peters-Engl, S. Roka

Original Scientific Papers To The Main Topics

Sentinel lymph node examination: Balancing between high workload and low metastasis detection rate

Margaretha Rudas, P. Konstantiniuk, R. Horvat, P. Niedermoser, S. Bogner, Barbara Pichler-Gebhard, B. Hoffmann, F. Offner

Original Scientific Papers To The Main Topics

Axillary recurrence after sentinel node biopsy

S. Roka, P. Konstantiniuk, D. Heck, P. Schrenk, M. Jagoutz-Herzlinger, Roswitha Koeberle-Wuehrer, A. Urbania, R. Jakesz

Original Scientific Papers To The Main Topics

Sentinel node biopsy after preoperative chemotherapy in breast carcinoma — Is it safe?

Ch Tausch, P. Konstantiniuk, L. Jörg, P. Dubsky, Ursula Denison, A. Haid, Barbara Pichler-Gebhard, Margaretha Rudas

Original Scientific Papers To The Main Topics

Sentinel node biopsy in patients with multicentric breast cancer using a subareolar injection technique

P. Schrenk, Soraya Wölfl, Ch Tausch, Claudia Mauritz, P. Konstantiniuk, A. Haid, Michaela Riegler-Keil, Margaretha Rudas


Pathophysiology of gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GERD) with respect to reflux-induced carcinogenesis

H. Wykypiel, M. Gadenstätter, F. A. Granderath, P. J. Klingler, G. J. Wetscher

Original Scientific Papers

Telesurveillance of patients with cardiac risks

H. Hutten

Original Scientific Papers

Arthroscopy of total knee arthroplasties: Indications and technical problems

C. Boldin, F. Fankhauser, F. J. Seibert, J. M. Passler



R. Roka

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