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European Surgery

Ausgabe 4/2012

Main topic: Pediatric surgery – topics of interest for general surgeons

Inhalt (14 Artikel)

Main Topic

Esophageal replacement in children and its long-term consequences

C. A. Reck, M. Pones, E. Horcher

Main Topic

Contemporary surgery for biliary atresia

Günther Schimpl

Main Topic

Augmentation cystoplasty: diagnosis, treatment and outcome

A. Basharkhah, E. Sterl, A. Haberlik

Original Article

Risk factor analysis and procedural modifications for biliary stricture after adult living donor liver transplantation

M. Shinoda, M. Tanabe, S. Kawachi, O. Itano, H. Obara, T. Hibi, K. Matsubara, N. Shimojima, Y. Fuchimoto, K. Hoshino, G. Wakabayashi, M. Shimazu, Y. Morikawa, M. Kitajima, Y. Kitagawa

Selected Commentary

Selected commentary to "Incidence of adenocarcinoma among patients with Barrett's esophagus"

S. F. Schoppmann, R. Azari, F. M. Riegler