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European Surgery

Ausgabe 3/2008

NOTES – Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (Editors: Emanuel Sporn and Klaus Thaler)

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Education and entertainment: fun at do!

Franz Martin Riegler

Main Topic

Access and closure for NOTES

E. Sporn, B. W. Miedema, J. A. Astudillo, K. Thaler

Main Topic

NOTES Techniques: present and future

B. W. Miedema, J. A. Astudillo, E. Sporn, K. Thaler

Main Topic

Transluminal endoscopic cholecystectomy: changing the paradigm

J. A. Astudillo, E. Sporn, S. Bachman, B. W. Miedema, K. Thaler

Main Topic

Epilogue: the future of NOTES

B. W. Miedema, E. Sporn, J. A. Astudillo, K. Thaler

Original Scientific Paper

Eating behavior in laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy: Correlation between plasma ghrelin levels and hunger

F. B. Langer, A. Bohdjalian, S. Shakeri-Manesch, J. Zacherl, R. Riener, K. Schindler, B. Ludvik, G. Prager

Original Scientific Paper

Three none: A new technique for open appendectomy. Prospective non-randomized comparative study

A. Hussain, H. Mahmood, E. Geddoa, A. James

Original Scientific Paper

Fluid resuscitation in the treatment of uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock

Y. Yagmur, H. Ozturk, M. Orak, A. Tas, E. Guneli


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