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European Surgery

Ausgabe 2/2013

Main Topic: Post Bariatric Surgery

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Surgery spring sounds: topic justifies

F. M. Riegler



E. O. Scharnagl

Main Topic

Approach to the upper body after massive weight loss

E. Scharnagl, H. Koch, M. Wiedner, S. Spendel

Main Topic

Complications in body-contouring procedures with special regard to massive weight loss patients: personal observations

M. Wiedner, I. Justich, A. Vasilyeva, D. Parvizi, S. Spendel, L.-P. Kamolz, E. Scharnagl

Main Topic

The epidemiology of obesity

H. B. Kitzinger, B. Karle

Original Article

For how many times can a partially absorbable monofilament mesh be sterilized? In vitro experimental study

O. V. Ozkan, A. Aydogan, S. Akkucuk, M. Aydin, E. Nacar, B. Ozer, S. Mistikoglu, I. Yetim, A. Gokce

Original Article

Impact of resection techniques on postoperative lung function parameters in pulmonary metastasectomy

K. Hoetzenecker, T. Schweiger, C. Nikolowsky, L. Lehmann, F. Gittler, H. J. Ankersmit, W. Klepetko, G. Lang

Original Scientific Paper

When to repair ischemic mitral valve regurgitation? An algorithmic approach

F. Roshanali, A. Vedadian, S. Shoar, S. Sandoughdaran, M. Naderan, M. H. Mandegar

Case Report

Minimally invasive right pneumonectomy: case report

F. Augustin, T. Schmid

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