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European Surgery

Ausgabe 2/2007

Vein Graft Disease – Clinical Implications (Editors: T. Schachner and J. Bonatti)

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Main Topic

Editorial: Vein graft disease – clinical implications

T. Schachner, J. Bonatti

Main Topic

The role of vein grafts in coronary surgery

T. Schachner, G. Laufer, J. Bonatti

Main Topic

The axillocoronary bypass – an exotic but useful conduit in coronary surgery

J. Bonatti, H. Hangler, L. Müller, D. Oturanlar, L. Posch, A. Krismer, M. Sieb, T. Schachner, G. Feuchtner, G. Laufer

Main Topic

Endoscopic vein harvesting in coronary artery bypass surgery

S. Huber, P. Bergmann, S. Schweiger, H. Mächler, P. Oberwalder, B. Rigler

Original Scientific Paper

Cluster bomb vs. antipersonnel mine related injuries. An experience from the Kuwaiti-Iraqi border from June 1998 to November 2000

K. S. Wolff, A. M. Prusa, S. Bulwas, A. Wibmer, M. Sahal, U. Kotowski, H. Teufelsbauer

Original Scientific Paper

Chemical composition of surgical smoke produced by electrocautery, harmonic scalpel and argon beaming – a short study

C. J. Krones, J. Conze, F. Hoelzl, M. Stumpf, U. Klinge, M. Möller, W. Dott, V. Schumpelick, J. Hollender

Case Report

Problems with "out of area evacuations" from areas of unrest. A need for uniform and simple-to-apply outcome predictors

K. S. Wolff, A. M. Prusa, U. Kotowski, A. Wibmer, M. Sahal, H. Teufelsbauer