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memo - Magazine of European Medical Oncology

Ausgabe 1/2008

Anti-angiogenic therapies are coming of age in clinical oncology and haematology

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Visions have been realised

Wolfgang Hilbe, Eberhard Gunsilius


memo – New official Journal of CECOG

Christoph Zielinski

Review article

Mechanisms of tumour vascularisation

U. M. Gehling, S. Ergün

Review article

Angiogenesis as a therapeutic target in advanced breast cancer

H. Stöger, K. Hegenbarth

Case report

Targeted delivery of TNF using NGR-TNF in combination with chemotherapy as an effective and tolerable strategy in a hepatocarcinoma patient

M. Giovannini, V. Gregorc, M. G. Viganò, E. Roca, C. Lazzari, A. Spreafico, C. Belli, G. Citterio, G. Rossoni, G. Donadoni, A. Corti, E. Villa, F. C. Cappio

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