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Ausgabe 1/2009

DNA as target for cancer therapy Surgical approach to metastatic patients

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10 Years CECOG

Short Review

Clinical implications of DNA repair genetic alterations in cancer

L. Gossage, M. Mohammed, S. Madhusudan

Short Review

Role of interdisciplinary strategies in liver metastases

D. Öfner, W. Eisterer

Short Review

Potentially curative strategies in peritoneal metastases

F. Kober, M. Karik, M. Hermann

Consensus Report

Austrian Consensus on the surgical treatment of colorectal liver metastases

Dietmar Öfner, Thomas Grünberger, Wolfgang Eisterer

Original Report

Challenges and pitfalls in HNPCC: a pedigree of an Austrian HNPCC family beyond four generations!

T. Winder, A. Mündlein, K. Gasser, G. Lingg, J. Walser, J. Karner-Hanusch, K. Dirschmid, H. Drexel, A. Lang

Original Report

The expression of EGFR, HER2 and EpCam in Head and Neck squamous cell carcinomas

V. H. Schartinger, J. Schmutzhard, M. Wurm, I. M. Schwentner, P. Obrist, W. Oberaigner, G. M. Sprinzl

CECOG Project

Lung cancer under 40

Matjaz Zwitter



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