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Radiologie 31. August 2010

State of the art and advanced MR imaging techniques in brain tumours

The role of imaging of a tumour is to analyse the anatomical situation and the most likely diagnosis with tumour type and grading. Furthermore, the preoperative evaluation of the tumour border, the trajectory for biopsy and the therapeutic options are important. Postoperative and follow up MRs should indicate a residual tumour and its extent, progression or reduction and complications after therapy. Modern advanced MR methods should be combined with conventional structural sequences for imaging diagnosis and for therapy monitoring of brain tumours. In our opinion a feasible imaging tumour protocol consists in axial T1, T2, FLAIR, DWI, DTI, MR perfusion (DSCI, ev. DCE), MR spectroscopy, T1 3D with Gadolinium and possibly fMRI and MRA.

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