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Komplementärmedizin 23. Juli 2015

High acceptance of herbal medicinal products: What does the future hold?

Why do patients reach out for herbal medicinal products in the first place? What is the true potential of phytopharmaceuticals and where are their limitations? Phytopharmaceuticals are effective medicines with low incidence of side effects. They are becoming increasingly popular among the population and account for a significant part of the pharmaceutical market. In particular, herbal medicinal products play an increasingly important role in self-medication—the responsible act of utilizing prescription-free medication for the purpose of health maintenance and prevention of ill health.

Phytopharmaceuticals are medicines with active ingredients obtained exclusively from plants. In contrast to most synthetic chemical ingredients and isolated pure substances of biogenic origin, the active ingredient of herbal medicines is a multi-component mixture with high-quality demands. The advantage of this multi-component mixture is often precisely the fact that a number of substances with different mechanisms contribute to the desired overall effectiveness. Evidence of efficacy in clinical trials has shown that herbal medicinal products have the right to occupy a firm place in modern drug therapy. The authorization of herbal medicinal products is analogous to that of drugs with synthetic chemical or biological pure substances.

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