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Chirurgie 6. Mai 2015

Is fast track rehabilitation already standard in gastrointestinal surgery?

Fast track rehabilitation in colorectal surgery developed and introduced by Kehlet et al. during the mid-1990s changed the strategy of perioperative treatment breaking with a lot of dogmas like preoperative fasting and bowel preparation [ 1 , 2 ]. The aim of this novel strategy was to reduce surgical stress response, minimize the fasting period, and the time of immobilization of the patient. As a consequence, early restoration of bowel function and reduced perioperative morbidity allowed early discharge from hospital [ 3 ]. Initially this was postulated as one of the most important goals of the program. Subsequently “ERAS” (Enhanced Recovery after Surgery) replaced the term “Fast track” to refer the aim of the program to early recovery and reduced perioperative complications [ 4 ].

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