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Chirurgie 1. April 2012

On the surgical treatment of hypertrophic scars: a comprehensive guideline for the surgical treatment of hypertrophic scars

BACKGROUND: Treating the hypertrophic scar remains a challenging problem. It often leaves the clinician with the questions whether, when and how to treat a hypertrophic scar. METHODS: This review will focus on the surgical treatment of hypertrophic scars considering the latest research in this field. RESULTS: We present a rough treatment guideline that offers guidance for choosing the most appropriate surgical technique possible for the treatment of scar hypertrophy. CONCLUSIONS: The presented guideline may help the clinician to get a better understanding of scar hypertrophy: whether and when to treat it surgically, and what treatment to use.

C. M. Stekelenburg, M. B. A. Van der Wal, E. Middelkoop, F. B. Niessen, P. P. M. Van Zuijlen, European Surgery 2/2012

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