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25.05.2018 | main topic

Confocal laser scanning microscopy—a powerful tool in bone research

The confocal laser scanning microscope (CLSM) enables the collection of images picturing selected planes in depth of thick samples, thus giving 3D information while keeping the sample intact. In this article we give an overview of our CLSM …

08.05.2018 | original article

Long-term improvement of the bio-psycho-social state of cancer patients after 3 weeks of inpatient oncological rehabilitation

A long-term study at the Humanomed Zentrum Althofen

A 3-week cancer rehabilitation program was conducted at the Humanomed Zentrum Althofen, comprising therapy of organic defects, lifestyle modification, and psycho-social support. Therapeutic efficacy was assessed in comprehensive surveys before and …

04.05.2018 | original article Open Access

Effectiveness of Menthacarin on symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and functional dyspepsia (FD) are common functional gastrointestinal disorders with overlapping symptoms. Effectiveness and safety of Menthacarin (Menthacarin® is the active ingredient of the product Carmenthin® [Dr.

24.04.2018 | Pharmakologie und Toxikologie | übersicht Open Access

Welche Medikamente sind in der Stillzeit erlaubt?

Eine Übersicht für den Anästhesisten, Geburtshelfer und Kinderarzt

Stillen bietet viele Vorteile für Kind und Mutter. Das Kind erhält eine Immunität und eine optimale Ernährung. Oft liegen jedoch abweichende oder keine pharmakokinetischen Daten für Medikamente zur Anwendung in der Stillzeit vor.

12.04.2018 | main topic Open Access

A scientific approach to the reform of a medical curriculum

A personal account of the Vienna experience

Planning and implementing a new curriculum at the Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna was a bold attempt to use a scientific approach. A curriculum of sequentially presented and departmentally controlled subject areas using oral …

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