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05.12.2017 | original article Open Access

Spicae aetheroleum in uncomplicated acute bronchitis: a double-blind, randomised clinical trial

Acute bronchitis is a prevalent, self-limited inflammation of the large bronchi in otherwise healthy subjects that is clinically characterized by cough without pneumonia. Episodes of uncomplicated acute bronchitis are estimated to affect …

01.12.2017 | original article

Bone marrow aspirations in oncological patients: experience from an in-house standard in paediatrics

Nearly all paediatric patients require deep sedation for bone marrow aspiration (BMA). In addition to relieving the fear of the procedure, this can mitigate the pain caused by the puncture and aspiration of the bone marrow. Furthermore, deep …

16.11.2017 | review

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2): a review of its use in surgery

Hydrogen peroxide has been used in medicine for more than 100 years. It is known in surgery as a highly useful irrigation solution by virtue of both its hemostatic and its antimicrobial effects. Due to its possible negative effect on wound healing …

09.11.2017 | editorial

WMW-Themenheft „Kardiologische Rehabilitation“

09.11.2017 | editorial

Evaluation of cancer rehabilitation in Austria

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