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Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift 11-12/2022
Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift

Ausgabe 11-12/2022

Rare Infections


Inhaltsverzeichnis (8 Artikel)

24.08.2022 | editorial

P. Mikosch, H. Kurz

02.08.2021 | images in science and medicine

Soft tissue infection as a rare cause of neonatal sepsis
Martin Poryo M.D., Annabelle Wagner, Martina Geipel M.D., Sören L. Becker M.D., Ph.D., Sogand Nemat M.D., Sascha Meyer M.D., Ph.D.

03.08.2020 | case report

Confluent abscesses in autochthonous back muscles after spinal injections
A case report and narrative review of the literature on low back pain and spinal injections
Benjamin Hadzimuratovic, Andreas Mittelbach, Arian Bahrami, Jochen Zwerina, PD Dr. Roland Kocijan

02.08.2021 | original article

Comparative study of Staphylococcus aureus from burn patients and healthcare workers in a burn center, Yazd, Iran
Vali Dad, Roya Ahmadrajabi, Sarvenaz Esfahani, Fereshteh Saffari

12.08.2021 | original article

Effectiveness of inhaled hypertonic saline application for sputum induction to improve Mycobacterium tuberculosis identification in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis
Prof. Dr. Dmytro Butov MD PhD ScD, Prof. Dr. Yurii Feshchenko MD PhD ScD, Prof. Dr. Valeriy Myasoedov MD PhD ScD, Prof. Dr. Mykhailo Kuzhko MD PhD ScD, Prof. Dr. Mykola Gumeniuk MD PhD ScD, Prof. Dr. Galyna Gumeniuk MD PhD ScD, Dr. Anton Tkachenko MD PhD, Dr. Nekrasova Nataliya MD PhD ScD, Olena Borysova, Dr. Tetiana Butova MD PhD

Open Access 06.10.2021 | main topic

Rare manifestation of a large stenosing gastrointestinal tumor caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis in a previously healthy man from Austria
Guangyu Shao, Bakari Chitechi, Gamze Demireli, Karoline Ornig, Matthias J. Neuböck, Sven Heldt, Michael Mandl, Christian Paar, Markus Winkler, Bernd Lamprecht, Helmut J. F. Salzer MD, MPH, FECMM

02.08.2021 | case report

Abnormal liver findings as the first manifestation in a patient with brucellosis
Case report
Natalia Medvedeva, Sabrina Cristiana Lazaruc, Siroos Mirzaei, Peter Mikosch MD

Open Access 28.09.2021 | original article

Complications of influenza in 272 adult and pediatric patients in a German university hospital during the seasonal epidemic 2017–2018
Dr. med. Hilte F. Geerdes-Fenge, Saskia Klein, Hans-Martin Schuldt, Micha Löbermann, Kerstin Köller, Jan Däbritz, Emil Christian Reisinger