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Wiener klinische Wochenschrift

Wiener klinische Wochenschrift 21-22/2018

Ausgabe 21-22/2018

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 10 Artikel )

01.11.2018 | editorial | Ausgabe 21-22/2018

Guidelines for imaging reach a new quality level towards computer-assisted diagnosis

Prof. Dr. Franz Kainberger

09.08.2018 | original article | Ausgabe 21-22/2018 Open Access

Changes in health parameters in older lay volunteers who delivered a lifestyle-based program to frail older people at home

Igor Grabovac, Sandra Haider, Eva Winzer, Ali Kapan, Karin E. Schindler, Christian Lackinger, Thomas E. Dorner

09.08.2018 | original article | Ausgabe 21-22/2018 Open Access

Prioritizing information topics for relatives of critically ill patients

Cross-sectional survey among intensive care unit relatives and professionals
Magdalena Hoffmann, Anna K. Holl, Harald Burgsteiner, Philipp Eller, Thomas R. Pieber, Karin Amrein

22.10.2018 | original article | Ausgabe 21-22/2018 Open Access

Correlation of affective temperament and psychiatric symptoms in palliative care cancer patients

Matthias Unseld, Benjamin Vyssoki, Ines Bauda, Marlene Felsner, Feroniki Adamidis, Herbert Watzke, Eva Masel, Assoc. Prof. PD Dr. med. univ. Nestor D. Kapusta

15.10.2018 | original article | Ausgabe 21-22/2018

Abiraterone acetate, enzalutamide and their sequence for castration-resistant prostate cancer

Adherence, survival and hospitalization analysis of a medical claims database
Badereddin Mohamad Al-Ali, Klaus Eredics, Stephan Madersbacher, Ingrid Schauer MD

30.08.2018 | consensus report | Ausgabe 21-22/2018 Open Access

Austrian consensus guidelines on imaging requirements prior to hepatic surgery and during follow-up in patients with malignant hepatic lesions

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dietmar Tamandl, Ahmed Ba-Ssalamah, Gernot Böhm, Klaus Emmanuel, Rosemarie Forstner, Reinhold Függer, Benjamin Henninger, Oliver Koch, Claus Kölblinger, Hans-Jörg Mischinger, Wolfgang Schima, Helmut Schöllnast, Stefan Stättner, Univ. Prof. Dr. Klaus Kaczirek

02.08.2018 | commentary | Ausgabe 21-22/2018

Control of hospital-acquired infections in Austria

Bettina Kuppelwieser, Michael Berktold, Dorothea Orth-Höller, Cornelia Lass-Flörl

07.11.2018 | historical article | Ausgabe 21-22/2018 Open Access

The Jewish doctors involved in the development of health resorts in eastern Galicia at the late 19th and early 20th century (Central and Eastern Europe)

Izabela Spielvogel DPT, Krzysztof Spałek PhD, Jarosław Proćków PhD

01.11.2018 | MUW researcher of the month | Ausgabe 21-22/2018

MUW researcher of the month

Susanne Mayer

01.11.2018 | mitteilungen der gesellschaft der ärzte in wien | Ausgabe 21-22/2018


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