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Wiener klinische Wochenschrift 15-16/2011
Wiener klinische Wochenschrift

Ausgabe 15-16/2011


Inhaltsverzeichnis (15 Artikel)


Diese Woche in der Wiener klinischen Wochenschrift

01.08.2011 | Review article

The Marine-Lenhart syndrome revisited
Hans-Jürgen Biersack, Kim Biermann

01.08.2011 | Übersicht

Mehrlingselternschaft nach assistierter Reproduktion
Ingrid Kowalcek

01.08.2011 | Review article

Prasugrel vs. Ticagrelor in acute coronary syndromes: Which one to choose?
Hannes F. Alber, Kurt Huber, Otmar Pachinger, Matthias Frick

01.08.2011 | Images in clinical medicine

Brain changes in myasthenia gravis-related hypoxia
Anastasia Oikonomou, Emanuelle Astrinakis, Ioannis Pnevmatikos, Panos Prassopoulos

01.08.2011 | Original article

Is the systemic inflammatory reaction to surgery responsible for post-operative pain after tonsillectomy, and is it "technique-related"?
Zeljka Roje, Goran Racic, Goran Kardum, Mirnes Selimovic

01.08.2011 | Original article

Extensor pollicis longus rupture after distal radius fracture: Results of reconstruction by transposition of the extensor indicis tendon and postoperative dynamic splinting
Markus Figl, Michael Mayer, Stefan Lederer, Robert Bogner, Martin Leixnering

01.08.2011 | Original article

Compartmental resection for subfascial extremity soft tissue sarcoma and quality of life in long-term survivors
Matthias Peiper, Hanno Matthaei, Edwin Bölke, David Zurakowski, Klaus Orth, Antje Heinecke, Wolfram Trudo Knoefel

01.08.2011 | Original article

Homocysteine and asymmetric dimethylarginine in relation to B vitamins in elderly people
Elisabeth Fabian, Andrea Kickinger, Karl-Heinz Wagner, Ibrahim Elmadfa

01.08.2011 | Original article

Left ventricular function-conduction impairment as reflected by the ECG in chronic aortic regurgitation
Siegfried H. Recke

01.08.2011 | Case report

Acute pandysautonomia – restitutio ad integrum by high prednisolone therapy
Walter Struhal, Stephanie Hödl, Samy Mazhar, Gerhard Ransmayr

01.08.2011 | Case report

Charcot shoulder caused by Chiari type I malformation with syringomyelia with six-year follow-up
Gordan Grahovac, Milorad Vilendecic, Dubravka Srdoc

01.08.2011 | Case report

Pneumatosis coli – an underrecognized lesion mimicking neoplastic disease
Karin Amrein, Christoph Högenauer, Christopher Spreizer, Ekkehard Spuller, Cord Langner

01.08.2011 | Letter to the editor

ECG in acute myocardial infarction – inferior not anterior but left and right
Johann Auer, Robert Berent, Carina Primus

01.08.2011 | Mitteilungen der gesellschaft

Mitteilungen der gesellschaft
Sabina Baumgartner-Parzer, Barbara Obermayer-Pietsch