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Wiener klinische Wochenschrift 1/2022
Wiener klinische Wochenschrift

Sonderheft 1/2022

Biofeedback in Medicine


Inhaltsverzeichnis (6 Artikel)

01.01.2022 | editorial

Biofeedback in medicine with a focus on cancer rehabilitation
Richard Crevenna

Open Access 10.12.2021 | main topic

Interpreting physical sensations to guide health-related behavior
An introductory review on psychosomatic competence
Christian Fazekas, Dennis Linder, Franziska Matzer, Josef Jenewein, Barbara Hanfstingl

Open Access 22.03.2021 | review article

The effect of biofeedback interventions on pain, overall symptoms, quality of life and physiological parameters in patients with pelvic pain
A systematic review
Barbara Wagner, Margarete Steiner, Dominikus Franz Xaver Huber, Richard Crevenna

Open Access 06.01.2022 | main topic

Virtual reality biofeedback interventions for treating anxiety
A systematic review, meta-analysis and future perspective
Oswald D. Kothgassner, Andreas Goreis, Ines Bauda, Amelie Ziegenaus, Lisa M. Glenk, Anna Felnhofer

Open Access 15.12.2021 | main topic

Effects of an intensive slow cortical potentials neurofeedback training in female and male adolescents with autism spectrum disorder
Are there sex differences?
Sonja G. Werneck-Rohrer, Theresa M. Lindorfer, Carolin Waleew, Julia Philipp, Karin Prillinger, Lilian Konicar

Open Access 06.12.2021 | main topic

The effect of biofeedback on smoking cessation—a systematic short review
Mohammad Keilani, Margarete Steiner, Richard Crevenna

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