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Wiener klinische Wochenschrift

Wiener klinische Wochenschrift 1-2/2013

Ausgabe 1-2/2013

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 12 Artikel )

01.01.2013 | original article | Ausgabe 1-2/2013

Quality of life in patients with depression, panic syndrome, other anxiety syndrome, alcoholism and chronic somatic diseases: a longitudinal study in Slovenian primary care patients

Anja Cerne MD, Janez Rifel MD, Danica Rotar-Pavlic PhD, Igor Svab PhD, Polona Selic PhD, Janko Kersnik PhD

01.01.2013 | original article | Ausgabe 1-2/2013

Ginkgo biloba extract EGb 761® in the treatment of dementia: a pharmacoeconomic analysis of the Austrian setting

PD Dr. Michael Rainer, Hermann Mucke, Sandra Schlaefke

01.01.2013 | original article | Ausgabe 1-2/2013

Can the efficiency of modified Alvarado scoring system in the diagnosis acute appendicitis be increased with tenesmus?

Hakan Bulus MD, Adnan Tas MD, Baris Morkavuk MD, Assoc. Prof. Seyfettin Koklu MD, Derya Soy MD, Ali Coskun MD

01.01.2013 | original article | Ausgabe 1-2/2013

The usefulness of ulcer size and location in the differential diagnosis of benign and malignant gastric ulcer

Erdem Koçak MD, Fatma Kılıç MD, Erdem Akbal MD, Adnan Taş MD, Seyfettin Köklü MD, Levent Filik MD, İbrahim Bıyıkoğlu MD, Bilal Ergül MD

01.01.2013 | original article | Ausgabe 1-2/2013

Prognostic significance of lymph node characteristics on survival in esophageal squamous cell carcinomas

Ning Wu MD, Zhiming Chen MD, Liewen Pang MD, Qinyun Ma, Gang Chen

01.01.2013 | original article | Ausgabe 1-2/2013

Migrants and obstetrics in Austria—applying a new questionnaire shows differences in obstetric care and outcome

Priv. -Doz. Willi Oberaigner, Mag. Hermann Leitner, Mag. Karin Oberaigner, Univ. -Prof. Dr. Christian Marth, Prim. Dr. Gerald Pinzger, Prim. Dr. Hans Concin, Univ. -Prof. Dr. Horst Steiner, Prim. Univ. -Doz. Dr. Hannes Hofmann, Prim. Univ. -Doz. Dr. Teresa Wagner, Prim. Dr. Manfred Mörtl, Dr. Angela Ramoni

01.01.2013 | original article | Ausgabe 1-2/2013

Evaluation of West-Austrian junior athletes’ knowledge regarding doping in sports

Christina Fürhapter, Cornelia Blank, Veronika Leichtfried, Maria Mair-Raggautz, David Müller, Wolfgang Schobersberger

01.01.2013 | case report | Ausgabe 1-2/2013

Complete remission after a single cycle of azacitidine in a case of relapsed acute myeloid leukemia

Christine Valentiny MD, Martina Mitrovic MSc, Lisa Pleyer MD, DI biomed.inf., Michael Steurer MD, Wolfgang Willenbacher MD, Assoc. Prof. Reinhard Stauder MD, MSc

01.01.2013 | letter to the editor | Ausgabe 1-2/2013

Concomitant use of beta-1 adrenoreceptor blocker and norepinephrine in patients with septic shock. A letter to the authors

Dr. Bjoern Zante, Dr. Sebastian Wirtz

01.01.2013 | mitteilungen der gesellschaft | Ausgabe 1-2/2013


01.01.2013 | mitteilungen der gesellschaft der ärzte in wien | Ausgabe 1-2/2013

Festabend: 175 Jahre Gesellschaft der Ärzte in Wien

01.01.2013 | MUW resarcher of the month | Ausgabe 1-2/2013

MedUni Wien Researcher of the Month Jänner 2013

Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Peter Birner MSc

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