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01.08.2016 | short communication | Ausgabe 4/2016

European Surgery 4/2016

The cleft lift procedure for complex pilonidal disease

A pictorial description

European Surgery > Ausgabe 4/2016
MD Paola De Nardi, MD Paolo Giovanni Gazzetta, MD Guido Fiorentini, MD Giovanni Guarneri



The cleft lift procedure was introduced for the treatment of pilonidal sinus disease, with the aim of shifting the healing line off the midline. The aim of the present study is to provide a tuitional description of the cleft lift procedure for the treatment of complex pilonidal sinus disease.


After successful treatment of 40 cases of complex pilonidal disease, photographs recorded from the operations were reviewed and screened in order to present the indications, the key stages of the operation, the surgical variants, and the results.


All of the procedures were performed as 1‑day surgery with no intraoperative complications. Partial wound dehiscence was experienced by 12.5 % of patients. No recurrence was observed after a mean follow-up of 21 months.


This technique is easy to learn and to perform, with minimal patient discomfort, limited in-patient stay, early recovery, and a good healing rate.

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