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Ausgabe 3/2021

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Best of SABCS 2020

Marija Balic

Open Access review

Multiple myeloma: my highlights at ASH 2020

Eberhard Gunsilius

Open Access short review

San Antonio 2020 update—the top 3 surgical abstracts

Stephanie Kacerovsky-Strobl

Open Access short review

Post San Antonio update—my top three abstracts!

Christoph Suppan

Open Access short review

Top 3 abstracts concerning hormone-receptor-positive early breast cancer

Simon Peter Gampenrieder, Gabriel Rinnerthaler, Richard Greil

Open Access case report

Decision making in hematology—chronic myeloid leukemia

Andreas L. Petzer

Open Access short review

Innovative therapy concepts for pediatric brain tumors

Amedeo A. Azizi, Johannes Gojo, Andreas Peyrl

case report

Primary diffuse leptomeningeal melanomatosis: report of three pediatric cases and review of the literature

Giovanna Pezzullo, Lorenzo Ugga, Renato Cuocolo, Teresa Perillo, Alessandra D’Amico

Open Access short review

Rehabilitation for children and adolescents after cancer: importance and implementation in Austria

Gustav Fischmeister, David Riedl, Gabriele Sanio, Thomas Bogendorfer, Bernhard Holzner, Gerhard Rumpold, Alain Nickels, Thomas Licht, Wolfgang Sperl

Open Access case report

Death of unknown cause? Post-mortem diagnosis of fulminant course of an EBV-associated secondary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis

Josia Fauser, Stefan Köck, Eberhard Gunsilius, Andreas Chott, Andreas Peer, Adelheid Ditlbacher, Gernot Fritsche, Michael Joannidis, Dominik Wolf, Andreas Pircher

case report

Sphenoidal mucormycosis associated with large B-cell lymphoma: case report and literature review

Anis Chaari, Esraa Turak, Mark Nashaat, Islam Aboayana, Vipin Kauts

Open Access short review

Novel agents in a young patient with osteosarcoma: A short review

Oskar Steinbrecher, Thomas Brodowicz, Wolfgang Lamm

Open Access case report

A patient with liver cirrhosis and hepatic lesions

Tobias Meischl, Dietmar Tamandl, Matthias Pinter

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