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memo - Magazine of European Medical Oncology 3/2017
memo - Magazine of European Medical Oncology

Ausgabe 3/2017


Inhaltsverzeichnis (15 Artikel)

07.09.2017 | editorial

Development of chemotherapeutics in oncology: is there anything new?
Holger Rumpold, Thomas Winder

12.09.2017 | editorial

An Austrian view of the 2017 consensus for the treatment of early breast cancer
Guenther G. Steger

12.09.2017 | short review

What’s new in chemotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer?
Christian Britschgi

22.08.2017 | short review

New chemotherapies in breast cancer
Matthias Ranftler, Kathrin Strasser-Weippl

07.09.2017 | short review

New chemotherapies in gastric adenocarcinoma
Ewald Wöll

Open Access 07.09.2017 | short review

Cross-over comparison and new chemotherapy regimens in metastatic pancreatic cancer
Markus Kieler, Matthias Unseld, Daniela Bianconi, Gerald W. Prager

01.09.2017 | short review

Chemotherapies and future directions in metastatic colorectal cancer
Thomas Winder

01.09.2017 | short review

Novel therapeutics in supportive cancer treatment
Clemens Dormann

21.08.2017 | review

Renal insufficiency in patients with multiple myeloma
Boris Bozic, Sophie Hölbling, Vanessa Völkel, Christian Sebesta

18.07.2017 | case report

Activity of panobinostat in combination with bortezomib and dexamethasone in advanced, proteasome inhibitor refractory multiple myeloma
Branka Petricevic, Wolfgang Hilbe, Niklas Zojer

29.03.2017 | review

Prognostic significance of aberrant expression of CD markers in acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Maria Kavianpour, Neda Ketabchi, Najmaldin Saki

27.03.2017 | case report

Disease control with brentuximab vedotin in an aged patient with primary cutaneous anaplastic large-cell lymphoma
Sonja Burgstaller, Josef Thaler

21.08.2017 | comment

Highlights from the 2017 St. Gallen Breast Cancer Consensus
Georg Pfeiler, Rupert Bartsch, Florian Fitzal

Open Access 28.06.2017 | short review

New diagnostic tools for breast cancer
Pascal A. T. Baltzer, Panagiotis Kapetas, Maria Adele Marino, Paola Clauser

Open Access 07.06.2017 | short review

Local therapies for breast cancer
Ruth Exner

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