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European Surgery

European Surgery 6/2015

Ausgabe 6/2015

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 13 Artikel )

01.12.2015 | Editorial | Ausgabe 6/2015

High volume surgery, flood myths, cancer, and minions

F. M. Riegler

01.12.2015 | Review | Ausgabe 6/2015

Laparoscopic surgery for gastric cancer: a systematic review

D. Schizas MD, K. S. Mylonas MS, K. P. Economopoulos MD PhD, S. Tasigiorgos MS, D. Patouras MS, I. Karavokyros MD PhD, T. Liakakos MD PhD

01.12.2015 | Review | Ausgabe 6/2015

Case–matched comparison of short and middle term survival after laparoscopic versus open rectal and rectosigmoid cancer surgery

L. Sikorszki MD, PhD, R. Temesi MD, P. Liptay-Wagner MD, J. Bezsilla MD, A. Botos MD, Prof. A. Vereczkei MD, Prof. Ö. P. Horvath MD

01.12.2015 | Review | Ausgabe 6/2015

The role of platelets and portal venous pressure fluctuations in postoperative liver regeneration

P. Starlinger MD, PhD, A. Assinger, T. Gruenberger, C. Brostjan

01.12.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2015

Austrian expert panel recommendation for radiofrequency ablation of Barrett’s esophagus

I. Kristo, S.F. Schoppmann MD, M. Riegler, A. Püspök, K. Emmanuel, G. Spaun, F. Wrba, E. Wenzl, R. Schöfl, F. Schreiber, M. Häfner, C. Madl

01.12.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2015

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing versus spirometry as predictors of cardiopulmonary complications after colorectal surgery

Mr. I. Nikolopoulos MBBS, MSc, MRCS, Mrs. M. Ellwood, Mr. M. George MBBS, BSc, MS, FRCS (Gen), Mr. E. Carapeti MBBS, BSc, MD, FRCS (Gen), Mr. A. Williams MBBS, BSc, MS, FRCS (Gen)

01.12.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2015

The impact of advanced age on short- and long-term results after surgery for colorectal cancer

A. Dinnewitzer, C. Nawara, C. Augschöll, D. Neureiter, W. Hitzl, D. Öfner, T. Jäger

01.12.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2015

Factors affecting the difficulty of laparoscopic total mesorectal excision for mid- to lower rectal cancer

W.-S. Lee MD,PhD,FACS, S. W. Park MD, J.-H. Baek MD, PhD

01.12.2015 | Original Article | Ausgabe 6/2015

Season and vitamin D status do not affect probability for surgical site infection after colorectal surgery

O.A. Turan, R. Babazade MD, Y. Eshraghi MD, J. You MS, Prof. A. Turan MD, Prof. F. Remzi MD

01.12.2015 | Short Communication | Ausgabe 6/2015

Hiatal repair to reduce dysphagia in patients with impaired oesophageal motility having 360° fundoplication: the posterior ‘sling’ repair

G. L. Falk, T. J. D’Netto

01.12.2015 | Case Report | Ausgabe 6/2015

Metastatic urinary bladder transitional cell carcinoma to the oral cavity and oropharynx

M. Chee MBBS, A. See MMed (ENT), M. Teo FRCS, MPH (Johns Hopkins)

01.12.2015 | Case Report | Ausgabe 6/2015

Laparoscopic management of diaphragmatic mesothelial cysts in children

Assoc. Prof. M. Kaya MD, E. Ozcakir MD, Asst. Prof. U. Yalcinkaya MD

01.12.2015 | DFP-Fortbildung | Ausgabe 6/2015

Abdominelles Kompartmentsyndrom, abdominelle Unterdrucktherapie

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. univ. Alexander Perathoner, D. Öfner-Velano

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