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European Surgery

Ausgabe 6/2011


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Editorial: Surgeon between cases

F. M. Riegler

Main Topic

Serum cystatin C, serum creatinine and the MDRD as predictors for renal function defined by the inulin clearance after orthotopic liver transplantation*

D. Wagner, D. Kniepeiss, P. Stiegler, M. Sereinigg, S. Zitta, S. Schaffellner, E. Jakoby, H. Mueller, F. Iberer, A. Rosenkranz, K. H. Tscheliessnigg

Main Topic

There is no significant difference in the operative risk between octogenarians compared with patients younger than 60 years in cardiac surgery*

H. Mächler, L. Salaymeh, B. Zirngast, M. Anelli-Monti, P. Oberwalder, A. Yates, I. Knez, St. Huber, Ch. Streinu, I. Ovcina, D. Malliga, I. Keeling, E. Beran, A. Mircic, K. Meszaros, R. Hetterle, K. Rieger, P. Curcic, A. Vötsch, W. Marte, W. Toller, F. Quehenberger, D. Dacar

Main Topic

Management of bile duct injury after laparoscopic cholecystectomy*

H. J. Mischinger, G. Bernhard, H. Cerwenka, H. Hauser, G. Werkgartner, P. Kornprat, A. El Shabrawi, H. Bacher

Main Topic

Gastric surgery at the department of surgery in Graz*

H. Hauser, K. Strohmeyer, M. Thalhammer, A. Beham, W. Kröll, H. J. Mischinger

Main Topic

Photodynamic therapy for esophageal carcinoma*

J. Lindenmann, A. Maier, V. Matzi, N. Neuboeck, U. Anegg, Ch. Porubsky, O. Sankin, B. Fell, H. Renner, P. Swatek, F. M. Smolle-Juettner

Main Topic

Hyperbaric oxygenation of UW solution positively impacts on the energy state of porcine pancreatic tissue*

P. Stiegler, V. Stadlbauer-Köllner, M. Sereinigg, F. Hackl, A. Puntschart, M. Schweiger, G. Prenner, S. Schaffellner, F. Iberer, C. Lackner, G. Jürgens, S. Hallström, V. Matzi, F. M. Smolle-Jüttner, K. H. Tscheliessnigg

Main Topic

Technique and outcome of 2 mm needlescopic cholecystectomy*

S. Uranues, G. Tomasch, D. Nagele-Moser

Main Topic

Vascular surgery for penetrating injury of the neck*

T. U. Cohnert, S. Koter, S. Schweiger, J. Fruhmann, P. Konstantiniuk, A. Baumann

Case Report

Swedish adjustable gastric banding – an underestimated risk factor for the development of esophageal cancer?

P. Gehwolf, J. Bodner, F. Augustin, J. Pratschke, T. Schmid, H. Wykypiel

Case Report

Esophageal leiomyomatosis 25 years after myotomy for achalasia

A. Perathoner, E. Laimer, L. Veits, W. Vogel, J. Pratschke, Th. Schmid, R. Margreiter, H. Wykypiel