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European Surgery

Ausgabe 6/2009

Inhalt (9 Artikel)

Main Topic

Update on pancreatic surgery – about evidence and centralization

T. Welsch, M. N. Wente, M. W. Büchler

Main Topic

Molecular biology, models, and histopathology of chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer

A. L. Mihaljevic, I. Esposito, H. Friess, J. Kleeff

Main Topic

Diagnostic workup of patients with pancreatic diseases

M. Kraft, P. Simon, A. Aghdassi, C. D. Heidecke, G. Sauter, J.-P. Kühn, F. U. Weiss, M. M. Lerch, J. Mayerle

Main Topic

The role of surgery in severe acute pancreatitis

K. Sahora, R. Jakesz, P. Götzinger

Main Topic

Evidence-based surgery in chronic pancreatitis

S. Mühl, M. N. Wente, J. Schmidt, M. W. Büchler