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European Surgery

Ausgabe 5/2005


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Main Topic


R. Latifi

Main Topic

Telemedicine in surgery

R. C. Merrell

Main Topic

Dynamics and organizations of telesurgery

E. J. Hanly, M. R. Marohn, N. S. Schenkman, B. E. Miller, G. R. Moses, R. Marchessault, T. J. Broderick

Main Topic

Robotic surgery: potentials, barriers, and limitations

J. Marescaux, F. Rubino

Main Topic

Telepresence and telemedicine in trauma and emergency care management

R. Latifi, C. A. Ong, K. A. Peck, J. M. Porter, M. D. Williams

Original Scientific Paper

End-to-side nerve graft repair based on synergistic peripheral terminal motor branches: investigation in a nonhuman primate model

R. Schmidhammer, H. Redl, R. Hopf, D. G. van der Nest, H. Millesi

Case Report

Intrathoracic ganglioneuroma and ganglioneuroblastoma: report of four cases

M. Sanal, B. Meister, A. Kreczy, K. Unsinn, J. Hager

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