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European Surgery

Ausgabe 4/2009

Soft tissue sarcoma (Guest Editors: R. Windhager, A. Leithner, Graz)

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Positive vibrations pushing novelty

F. M. Riegler


Special issue "Soft tissue sarcoma"

R. Windhager, A. Leithner

Main Topic

Changes in histological diagnosis in soft tissue tumours from biopsy to final surgery specimen: causes and consequences

W. Maurer-Ertl, A. Leithner, S. Tauber, E. V. Fröhlich, G. Kuerzl, M. Glehr, M. Zacherl, B. Liegl, R. Windhager

Main Topic

Revision of inadequately treated soft-tissue sarcoma is associated with increased need for plastic or reconstructive surgery

M. Zacherl, C. Giessauf, M. Glehr, G. Gruber, W. Maurer-Ertl, G. Schwantzer, B. Liegl-Atzwanger, H. Koch, A. Leithner, R. Windhager

Main Topic

Liposarcomas: treatment and outcome, a retrospective single-center study

M. Glehr, A. Leithner, S. Scheipl, M. Zacherl, F. Quehenberger, W. Maurer-Ertl, G. Gruber, A. Beham, R. Windhager

Main Topic

Current nonsurgical treatment options and concepts for soft tissue sarcoma in adults

G. Hofmann, F. Ploner, B. Liegl-Atzwanger, T. Langsenlehner

Original Scientific Paper

Cultivation of keratinocytes and preadipocytes on a collagen-elastin scaffold (Matriderm®): First results of an in vitro study

M. Keck, D. Haluza, S. Burjak, B. Eisenbock, L.-P. Kamolz, M. Frey