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European Surgery 2/2018
European Surgery

Ausgabe 2/2018


Inhaltsverzeichnis (6 Artikel)

12.03.2018 | editorial

Reality and truth in surgery
Prof. Dr. Martin Riegler

16.02.2018 | original article

Feasibility evaluation of an action camera for video documentation in open abdominal surgery
A. M. Luu, T. Herzog, W. Uhl, O. Belyaev

16.02.2018 | original article

Gender-related differences in patients with colon cancer resection
Rüdiger Braun, Claudia Benecke, Jan Nolde, Markus Kleemann, Markus Zimmermann, Tobias Keck, PD Dr. med. Tilman Laubert

23.02.2018 | original article

Esophagectomy for stage IV achalasia
Case series and literature review
Alberto Aiolfi MD, Emanuele Asti MD, Carlo Galdino Riva MS, Prof. Luigi Bonavina MD

02.01.2018 | case report

Sequestration mucoceles presenting as rectal tumors following stapled hemorrhoidectomy
Yeqian Huang BMed, MD, Assad Zahid MBBS, MS, MPhil, FRACS, Associate Prof. Christopher J. Young MBBS, MS, FRACS, FACS, FASCRS

08.03.2018 | case report

A gastrointestinal stromal tumour mimicking solid pseudopapillary neoplasia of the pancreas—a case report
C. Müller, A. Beer, F. Wrba, T. Brodowicz, N. Bastati, A. Ba-Ssalamah, M. Schindl