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02.01.2018 | case report | Ausgabe 2/2018

European Surgery 2/2018

Sequestration mucoceles presenting as rectal tumors following stapled hemorrhoidectomy

European Surgery > Ausgabe 2/2018
BMed, MD Yeqian Huang, MBBS, MS, MPhil, FRACS Assad Zahid, MBBS, MS, FRACS, FACS, FASCRS Associate Prof. Christopher J. Young



Gastrointestinal tract mucoceles rarely occur after stapled anastomoses. Their presentation can be incidental and mimic anastomotic tumors.

Case reports

Two males, both of whom had undergone Milligan–Morgan excisional hemorrhoidectomy (EH) 15 and 12 years prior to stapled hemorrhoidectomy (SH), presented 12 and 10 years after SH, respectively, with incidentally found low rectal tumors. Both patients were assessed by the surgeon who performed the SH, and after examination and investigation, they were found to have sequestration mucoceles which were drained and observed respectively, with no further long-term problems.


These two cases illustrate the potential for development of sequestration mucoceles post-SH, both unique and uncommon, and serve to remind us of the benefits of a thorough medical and surgical history, and the extended range of differential diagnoses for rectal tumors in the era of extensive use of surgical staples.

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