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24.07.2018 | original article | Ausgabe 17-18/2018 Open Access

Wiener klinische Wochenschrift 17-18/2018

Ruxolitinib therapy for myelofibrosis in Austria

Consensus on therapy management

Wiener klinische Wochenschrift > Ausgabe 17-18/2018
Maria-Theresa Krauth, Sonja Burgstaller, Veronika Buxhofer-Ausch, Günther Gastl, Klaus Geissler, Felix Keil, Peter Krippl, Thomas Melchardt, Andreas Petzer, Holger Rumpold, Thamer Sliwa, Stefan Wöhrer, Albert Wölfler, Heinz Gisslinger
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A correction to this article is available online at https://​doi.​org/​10.​1007/​s00508-018-1428-7.


The oral Janus associated kinase (JAK1/2) inhibitor ruxolitinib has been available for treatment of patients with intermediate or high-risk myelofibrosis in Europe since 2012. Since its introduction, the expertise of prescribing doctors with respect to ruxolitinib function, efficacy and adverse effects has consistently been augmented, resulting in therapy modalities that are better tailored to individual patients as well as in increased safety of the treatment. The present consensus on ruxolitinib therapy management has been elaborated by Austrian experts in myeloproliferative neoplasms in line with international treatment guidelines. Our recommendations aim to contribute to an improved management of patients with myelofibrosis treated with ruxolitinib.

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